• Classes at Barnhill Community High School, Yeading Lane, UB4 9LE

Our Mission

Advance education for the public benefit in the subject of classical Indian music and classical Indian fine arts

About Zaarangi

Music is the highest form of art and, to those who appreciate it, it is the highest form of devotion

This frequency celebrated line is of the well known Swami Vivekananda, who was a great artiste and musician himself.

Right through time, man has wanted to convey the stirrings of the soul, the hunt for something further than the mundane through the medium of the arts. Indian classic music has preserved its melodic excellence. It has grown through very intricate interactions between diverse people of various cultures and races over some thousands of years. 

Zaarangi is a unique music academy keeping Indian classical music and arts alive with its dazzling routines. Serving a sizeable Sri Lankan and Indian community in West London, Zaarangi aims to teach youngsters who are keen to learn about their culture and traditions through music, dance and the Tamil language. 

Zaarangi offers classes in Bharathanatyam, Karnatic Vocal, Keyboard and a wide range of other courses. Check out our courses page for more information.

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School Oath

Our academy is founded on values that promote all of our children to become not only great performing artists, but also respectable citizens of the community. That in mind, we encourage and reward positive behaviours - from helping one another to volunteering for local causes. 

These values are demonstrated in our School Oath that is recited each week during our assembly prayers

For the betterment of our motherland
For the betterment of our mother tongue
For the betterment of our society and life
We shall stand together
Within the circle of education and arts
And move forward with pride

In this journey, to the extend we can,
We shall think good thoughts
We shall do good deeds

We shall grow by helping others
We shall get better by living with dicipline
We shall stay humble with modesty
We shall grow our self-confidence with courage

We shall break differences between
Colour, race, religion, caste, language
Rich and poor

Unity is our culture
Love is our weapon
Education is our strength
Art is our breath

We shall never forget
Mother, Father, Teacher, God