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Governor's Message

Zaarangi functions towards advancing education in classical Indian fine arts and Tamil language. We recognise that these subjects are rich in nature and deeply rooted in our culture. Effective education can only take place when the school’s operating framework, the teachers’ passion for the subject and the students’ curiosity and discipline meets in one place. 

This is why Zaarangi was formed in 2013. Being founding members of the organisation, we have placed diligent focus on creating a good learning environment and a communal space where students and parents are looking forward to gathering regularly.

When we first presented our vision during our school opening we introduced the concept of creating a supportive learning environment for students in which students are at the core of all our activities. This is still true today, where every decision is guided by ‘what is right and good for the student’. Our headteacher, who we also proudly call our mum, has guided and led the school with sincerity, love and goodness. These virtues are infectious, and have been embraced by us all - starting from our board members down to our teaching staff and student prefects. The success of this school is, therefore, primarily down to this unified mindset and the coordinated approach by our teachers, staff and students.

Our role as Governors is to enable for our staff and teachers to meet our charity’s objectives while ensuring that we create a sustainable framework that treats all students, parents, teachers and staff fairly and honestly. In the process, we try to empower the young generation of our community to take a leading role in the running of the school.  We realised very early on that we want to promote our students to be exemplary citizens carrying discipline, self-awareness, righteousness and respect with them in their daily lives.

Harey & Karthi School Governors
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Prefects Message

Zaarangi, a place that encourages the growth of our language and the love and passion students have for music and dance. We started 5 years ago as an institution and have grown together ever since. The prefects team have been around since 2014. We started of with a small number of us being raised to be role models to the younger students. As years passed by, the number of prefects increased. Initially, we formed a group of junior prefects to teach them the important roles we hold, but mainly to teach them discipline. What does being a prefect mean? 

A prefect is a senior pupil who is authorised to enforce discipline as well as being there to help fellow students in any situation. Being a prefect means gaining lots of important skills that would help in everyday lives, such as leadership skills, confidence, the ability to give a speech in front of people and many more. It is an honour to be called a prefect and respected by peers for the position we hold.

As a team, we have achieved a lot throughout these years. Arranging trips, helping arrange important events such as Saraswathi Poojai and our Annual shows, are part of our roles and achievements. Having a team of prefects, overall, had and still has a positive effect on both the school as a whole and the younger students. We are glad to be prefects and we will always fulfil our duties to the highest expectations to help the school grow.

Prefect Team

Head teacher Message